Index Of Items We Will Be Learning Till February 15th 2014 To Kick Start Our Selenium Project

A few people have shown interest to participate in this real time learning and also working on a sample project as a real time group. I got responses from different parts of the world which make me feel real excited as the work on this, once started will be 24×7.

With no further delay i want to outline the index of items what we should be learning in the next few days till we kick start our project on Feb 15th, 2014. This is purely learning Selenium WebDriver, my bad i missed that in my first post. We will not be concentrating on the GRID, Cucumber etc with this project.

I am trying to accomplish the task of completing this project so that anyone who never heard of Java should come to this site and learn everything in no time and should be able to implement Selenium projects on their own in one or 2 months, but the dedication and effort matters a lot.


1. JAVA Basics – 2 Days
– like Hello World, Object vs Class, Statements vs Loops, Operators, Single vs 2D Arrays, Functions/ Methods

2. OOPS Concepts – 4 Days
– public static void main(String args[]) very depth
– Scope of variables in Classed and methods and different kind of variables (like static vs non-static).
– Constructors
– Inheritance
– Overloading vs Overriding of functions/ methods

3. Miscellaneous JAVA Concepts (but very important) – 5 Days
– Packages and their usage
– Access Modifers
– Exception Handling from Throwable through its extended/ inherited sub-classes
– Collection API and Reflection API (IO APIs)
– Reading and Writing of Text Files
– Reading and Writing of XL/ XLS files using POI API
– Different methods of logging available for JAVA. We will try to go through all and based on voting will find which one is simple and will use it in our project.
– Exercises – This is a job of every one. Those involved in this free training cum project team is responsible to bring at least 10 questions to discussion after the training period is complete. If we have reached this far i will set up a Conference either through Team Viewer or any skype etc., I will record from my end and will post the video on this blog.


I will edit this post with Selenium Index in few days. This should not be very difficult once we are very thorough with the basics of Java. Never neglect any topic in a hurry to complete the JAVA Module.

I have many plans like once done with this Selenium WebDriver, we will go further and learn and implement GRID, Cucumber, Android/ iOS Web Driver (as some of you might be knowing Selenium guys are no more going to work on these drivers and are planning to give to someone like Appium/ Selendroid etc., we will work on them too), automating Maps on the iOS and Android using Sikuli etc., also we will try to work on SOAP UI and other REST services, if time permits we will also look into learning and implementing a sample project on the JMETER. If we automate at least one project on each of these, you cannot expect how much you can expect your salary in the market.

But before anything to happen we need to start learning JAVA, as it is the base of everything i described above.



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