Apache Ant API has not been generated, So Apache Ant API Documentation Not Available!!!

I was really disappointed to see that Apache Ant API documentation is not available in the Apache API site.

Apache Ant API has not been generated

If you see this page online at ant.apache.org, it is not a bug, but on purpose. We do not provide an online version of the API docs, they are included with all our distributions.

Ant’s manual and API documentation is part of the binary distributions or available as a separate archive.

Seeing this i said myself, seriously! Is Apache Ant really low on the bandwidth or disk space that it cannot house the Apache the Apache API documentation.

But i found a couple of resources where the Apache Ant documentation is available online. Really appreciate the guys behind this.

Find the online documentation of Apache Ant at Jajakarta and dpml.net

To understand how to use the API check this help  section of these websites when you are on the Apache Ant API page like this

Hold on a second!!! You might still have found only a temporary solution. What if any of these cool guys runs into problems and decided to take the Apache Ant API documentation page down or for that matter their sites down, you will again start searching who on their websites is holding this Apache Ant API documentation. No, you do need to if you follow the below mentioned.

javadocs for Ant can be found within your installation of Ant: ${ANT_HOME}\docs\manual\api\index.html.

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