Shut those annoying pop-up ads

Well, i spend most of time searching for various things on the internet. This attracts a lot of crappy websites, whose sole reason is to bombard you with all those pop-ups. Especially sites like, where i spend most of my time when there’s some interesting match going, like the Ashes 🙂

One thing that you will immediately observe is by the time you get to watch the video (from the time you launch the site), it will be lunch/ tea break. Yeah, crap! I have looked for various options on the internet, but was mindful of not downloading just any free tool/ extension as that will unnecessarily bring some kind of adware to my system (by the way have invited many of those in the past, Lesson Learnt 🙂 ). The solution that am going to tell may not be unique, but will help solve the problem immediately. Just two steps, by the way this is only for the chrome browser as i only use chrome :).

1. Install ABP (Ad-Block Plus) Chrome extension.

2. Install Pop Block Pro Chrome extension.

That’s it! You don’t need any more softwares.

Note: Sometimes you may need to have to see pop ups for some of the sites you are aware of. You can whitelist them adding to the list of websites that should allow pop-ups in both ABP and Pop Block Pro.