Options for Installing the WebEx Extension on Chrome Browsers

Have been trying to find some solution of late for installing the WebEx Chrome extension, but always used to get “Try Again” (in red) and it used to put me off. The only other solutions i adopted was to go back to IE or Firefox and try to open the WebEx recorded videos. But now found the solution directly from Cisco WebEx which resolved my problem.

The below guide should help you resolve this issue. Let me know if you are still facing any issues.



Index Of Items We Will Be Learning Till February 15th 2014 To Kick Start Our Selenium Project

A few people have shown interest to participate in this real time learning and also working on a sample project as a real time group. I got responses from different parts of the world which make me feel real excited as the work on this, once started will be 24×7.

With no further delay i want to outline the index of items what we should be learning in the next few days till we kick start our project on Feb 15th, 2014. This is purely learning Selenium WebDriver, my bad i missed that in my first post. We will not be concentrating on the GRID, Cucumber etc with this project.

I am trying to accomplish the task of completing this project so that anyone who never heard of Java should come to this site and learn everything in no time and should be able to implement Selenium projects on their own in one or 2 months, but the dedication and effort matters a lot.


1. JAVA Basics – 2 Days
– like Hello World, Object vs Class, Statements vs Loops, Operators, Single vs 2D Arrays, Functions/ Methods Continue reading

Welcome to SeleniumProject Site!!!

Welcome to the SelenimProject WordPress site. I would like to add as much information as i can on the selenium. Please understand i too am in the learning phase but intend to have few people who can work with me on a project. We will try to implement a detailed project very similar to a real time project.

Leave your name and email along with your comments what do you feel of this.

The learning phase starts today and ends Feb 15th 2014, this is to give equal opportunity to everyone joining early or late into the project. In the next post i will draft in the Index of items we will be learning and time we will spend on each module before we jump into implementing real time project.